The New York Masters is a 4 Round action chess tournament (GAME 30). It is limited to players rated above 2200. One U2200 player will have a chance to qualify each week, by finishing first U2200 in the Marshall Chess Club's Thursday Night Action. Players age 18 and under who are over 2100 can also participate in the tournament. The organizers also have the discretion to make special exemptions.

It begins at 7 sharp EVERY Tuesday night and the rounds are at 7 - 8:15 - 9:30 - 10:45

Entry fee is $30 for members of the Marshall Chess Club and $40 for non-members. Entry for GM's is free and nothing will be deducted from any prize the GM may win. Everyone must put down a $10 deposit before the event, which will be returned upon completion of the tournament. If you choose to withdraw you will not get this money back and it will be added to the prize fund.

For each event there is money ADDED to the prize fund by a number of generous sponsors. At the moment this sponsorship adds up to $400 per event.

In Seven of the weeks between the 113th and 132nd event (August 17 - January 18), there will be a special bonus prize added to the prize fund. These prizes will be drawn by random just before the start of Round 1. These prizes will be one of the following:

1. $1,000 in sponsorship added to the prize fund. ($400 sponsorship + $600 bonus.)
2. $800 in sponsorship added to the prize fund. ($400 sponsorship + $400 bonus.)
3. $600 in sponsorship added to the prize fund. ($400 sponsorship + $200 bonus.)
4. $600 in sponsorship added to the prize fund with $600 first Guaranteed (Awarded 113th Masters)
5. $100 extra added to the U2400 prize, and a $100 U2300 prize.
6. $100 extra added to the U2400 prize, and a $100 U2300 prize.
7. $200 for upset prizes, $50 per round, to the biggest upset.

There is a U2400 class prize. The amount of the prize will be determined by the number of players. The formula is $7x # of players. Hence if 20 players play, the prize is $140.

You may request ONE half point bye BEFORE the tournament begins,and only for rounds 1 or 4.

If there is more than one perfect score after 4 rounds, a blitz playoff will take place afterwards for an added $50.

If you have all your GM norms and are expecting to receive the title soon, this does NOT entitle you to the GM discount. You still must pay the full entry fee until your name appears on the FIDE site with the GM title next to it.

Increment is mandatory if anyone requests it. This would mean that each side would begin with 25 minutes and get 5 seconds added each move. If an increment capable (digital) clock is being used, and increment has not been set, then the players do not have the ability to claim a draw under rule 14.H "no losing chances". For this reason, increment is highly recommended for all players using digital clocks.

Below are the exact guidelines for the new “no short draw” rule. Please keep in mind that Generation Chess has promised to donate even MORE money for the following 20 weeks if the players cooperate!

1. If you have a +2 score or are chosen to play on the Internet in the first two rounds, you may not agree to a draw in under 40 moves.

2. If there is a situation where a draw needs to be agreed to in under 40 moves, or if you are unsure of what move number it is, you MUST get a director (John Fernandez or Greg Shahade) before agreeing to a draw. The director will then objectively decide whether or not it is appropriate to agree to a draw or whether the players must play on till move 40.

3. Having an objectively drawn or equal position does NOT allow you to agree to a draw. If this is the case, you must play till at least move 40.

4. The organizers can deem that a player or players are not making a serious effort to play fighting chess. For example some unacceptable situations would be:

a. If two players on the top boards make a quick draw using some well known theoretical opening that forces a perpetual

b. If the two players play an intentionally lifeless opening with the object of steering the game towards a dead draw as soon as possible. For example, playing the exchange French defense and immediately trading off all the pieces is not acceptable

5. As the organizers of the New York Masters are reasonably strong players, we understand that there are situations that occur in which a draw has to be agreed to before move 40. These situations are rare but they do occur, and if we determine that a serious effort was made in playing the game, we do have the authority to allow a draw. We will not be forcing a player to walk into checkmate or lose a pawn to avoid a draw. However understand that these situations are very rare, and should not occur often.

6. Anyone who is seen as not cooperating with the above guidelines, will NOT be eligible to win a prize for that week.

The posted pairings of each round are final, as posted.