• The historic Marshall Chess Club, the Home of the New York Masters

  • We are excited to announce that this season of the New York Masters will be sponsored by and run in the spirit of Generation Chess! No more quick draws in the final rounds, now the players will have to fight it out! Stay tuned for an exciting 20 weeks, as with Generation Chess on board, there will be more fighting chess than ever!!

  • The Generation Chess New York Masters welcomes PokerStars, the sponsor of Round 3 every Tuesday! Tune in on ICC for Round 3 every week for a chance to win $20 on the same poker site that has produced the last 2 World Champions!! USCF chess expert Ricky Grijalva (gotmilk) qualified for the World Poker Tour Championship on Pokerstars and turned it into $457,000 for only $80!! (Click here to see how he did it!) Get started on Pokerstars today and you could be next!

  • We also welcome JetSetPoker, our sponsor of Round 2 every Tuesday! With JetSetPoker's sponsorship, you will be able to win $20 every week just by watching and guessing the winner! On top of all this JetSetPoker will be offering freerolls (free poker tournaments with cash prizes!) on a regular basis for ICC members! Stay tuned for the schedule of these freerolls, and take your shot on JetSetPoker!!

  • New In Chess your link to the Chess World

  • The World's Most Active Chess Club

  • Chess Express - Books, Equipment, Instuctors and Games Archive

  • Chess Forum - A great place to play chess in New York City, located in the heart of Grenwich Village, and also a great place to purchase chess equipment!

  • Cajun Chess is your Number One source for information on chess games and analysis, tournaments, past tournaments and crosstables, chess boards, chessmen (pieces), clocks, bags, travel sets, software, miscellaneous chess supplies, books, and videos.


  • Arlington Chess Club, Virginia.

  • A site that offers training services - a good place to find a coach! Run by GM Pavel Blehm and GM Marcin Kaminski.

  • First Saturday GM, IM and FM tournaments in beautiful Budapest, Hungary

  • Daily updates from the First Saturday events, with results and downloadable games.

  • Armand Rousso -

  • Kung Fu Chess, a very addictive and bizarre chess variant.

  • Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities - One of the most interesting Chess sites in the World.

  • Nigel Short's weekly column in the Daily Telegraph.

  • Rafal Furdzik's chess website, with Games, Links, Analysis, Training, Books and Software, in addition to many GMs.

  • Peter Aravena's website with chess and art.

  • Chessville: meeting a wide variety of chess-related needs, including instruction and advice, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess-related web links, downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a discussion forum, an online chess league, and more!

  • The Chess House - Serving Chess Enuthusiasts Since 1972! Discount chess books, chess software, chess games, chess clocks and other chess equipment. Known for large selection of chess products, good service and knowledgeable staff.


  • Home of the Philadelphia Eagles, which led by Donovan McNabb, are a sure thing to win the 2005 Super Bowl

  • Home of the Philadelphia 76ers, the greatest basketball team in the world. (Notice any patterns?).